To Athlete MembersGovernment Guidance on Elite Sport Return to Training: Step One has now been published. This guidance outlines what measures and mitigations need to be in place, to allow for athletes and support staff to safely return to training. All athlete members should now engage with their NGB on how this guidance translates to their sports, as the publishing of this guidance does not mean that all sports and athletes will return to training straight away.

Please note that the choice to return to training is also a personal one for all athletes, with it being an 'opt-in' system seeking agreement on an individual athlete basis.  This acknowledges that while some athletes will be keen to return to training as soon as possible, some may have genuine concerns or personal circumstances that make this challenging.To view the Guidance [click here]If you wish to discuss any concerns or require independent support and guidance, then please get in touch with us via the following:

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BAC Message to Athletes on Return to Training Guidance: Step One

2020-05-13 14:08:13
May 13, 2020
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