Athlete Representatives

The BEAA helps to recruit and train Athlete Representatives across elite British sport to provide support to or elevate the concerns of their World Class Programme peers.

There are roughly 80 Athlete Reps in 22 sports currently, with each one giving their fellow elite sportspeople another avenue to support, representation and community.

In addition to helping to appoint and subsequently train representatives, the BEAA provides a recruitment pack, best practice guidance and job descriptions to the NGB, tailored to how the sport needs the role to work.

Gymnast Kelly Simm was an Athlete Rep from 2018 to 2024 and said it let her “make a difference to the team – not just on the competition floor.”

The role also provides career development and training on matters like mental health and safeguarding, benefitting the post-holder as well as the wider athlete community.

Jodie Grinham and Tom Hall

Chloe Birch

Claire Taggart and Patrick Wilson

Lewis Fletcher, Hope Gordon and Laura Sugar

Crystal Lane-Wright, Jack Rootkin-Grey, Bethany Shriever and Benjamin Watson

Gemma Collis, Will Deary, Piers Gilliver, Billy Shepherd and Katrina Smith Taylor

Dominic Cunningham, Laura Gallagher, James Hall, Bryony Page and Kelly Simm

Naomi Bell, Maddie Edwards, Ollie Tyler and Reuben Wardle

James Albery, David Ames, Fiona Crackles, Jacob Draper, Lily Owsley, Hollie Pearne-Webb, Sarah Robertson, Rupert Shipperley, Laura Unsworth, Zach Wallace and Jack Waller

Jack Hodgson, Emma Reid, Stuart McWatt and Lachlan Moorhead

Modern pentathlon
Jessica Varley

Para table tennis
Thomas Matthews and Martin Perry

Louise Sugden

Emily Craig, Emily Ford, Erin Kennedy, Benjamin Pritchard and James Rudkin

Freya Black

Issy Bailey, Mike Bargeron, Katie Gleeson, Lucy Hall, Freddie Killander and Tim Jeffery

Patrick Atkin, Jacob Salisbury, Freya Tarbit, Matt Weston

Jonathan Bangura and Rebecca McGowan

Sam Dickinson, Vicky Holland, Harry Leleu, Alison Peasgood and Jack Willis

Wheelchair basketball
James MacSorley and Charlotte Moore

Your questions answered

I need to raise an issue but don’t have any Athlete Representatives in my sport. Who can I speak with?
How do I become an Athlete Representative?
The BEAA is with you.
Reach out to us using any of the channels here.
Alternatively, get in touch via our live chat.
More about BEAA representation
Being an Athlete Rep helps make a difference to your team – not just on the competition floor
Kelly Simm, former gymnast
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