Athlete representation

We represent Britain’s elite athletes by listening to and acting on their views.
We have direct contact with the athlete community through the Athlete Advisory Forum, Athlete Representatives, our direct support, and by canvassing opinion in surveys and regular conversations.

Because our members feel able to turn to us, we’ve played a role in calling attention to issues from mistreatment to the rising cost of living and more.

Our advocacy creates real change thanks to the experience and authority of our staff and Board. We help to represent athletes to groups such as Performance Directors, on the UKAD Athlete Commission, and the Boards of the UK Sports Institute and Sport Resolutions.

Find out more about how we represent you below.
Athlete Advisory Forum
Chaired by GB Hockey captain Hollie Pearne-Webb, the Athlete Advisory Forum represents Britain’s elite athletes in high-performance system policies, as well as the strategic direction of the BEAA itself.
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British Elite Athletes Association (BEAA) Athlete Advisory Forum member and fencer Marcus Mepstead.
Athlete Representatives
Athlete Representatives are current athletes based in sports across the high-performance system. We help to recruit and train them to support their peers on the World Class Programme.
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The BEAA is with you.
Reach out to us using any of the channels here.
Alternatively, get in touch via our live chat.
More about BEAA representation
The increase in the BEAA’s work shows athletes are finding their voice, and increasingly feeling they can speak out
Hollie Pearne-Webb, GB Hockey captain
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