Am I a member?

Elite British athletes are automatically our members if they train or compete at a certain level within certain sports. If you’re a member, you won’t pay a penny for our services, but you might not realise you can access our support, representation and community.
Don’t worry if that’s the case. Use our quick checklist below to find out if you’re a member of the BEAA.
Are you a funded athlete on UK Sport’s World Class Programme? 

You’re a BEAA member. Contact us if you need to.

Your full membership with us will last for six months after you leave the Programme, and you’ll remain part of our alumni community for life.

You could still be a BEAA member. Please read on.
Do you train or compete for Britain or any home nations at international level in a sport not on the World Class Programme?

You may be a BEAA member if you compete at elite level in a progression sport, or in a sport that accesses our services privately. Check out the full list of the sports we support below.

Please note, if your sport is part of the World Class Programme but you are not funded, you are unlikely to be a BEAA member.

Unfortunately you are not eligible to access our services. You may be able to access support through other means. A list of alternative organisations is available further down this page.
Other support
Don’t think we’re the people to support you? Not to worry. Click below for links to other useful organisations.
Support directory
The BEAA is with you.
Reach out to us using any of the channels here.
Alternatively, get in touch via our live chat.
More about BEAA support
The BEAA are separate. If you need to say something, trust and believe the BEAA are actually listening
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