The February 2023 Athletes’ Athlete of the Month award shortlist has been revealed, with four nominees from four different sports included.Elite British athletes will vote for one of their World Class Programme peers to win the award, facilitated by the British Elite Athletes Association and spanning over 40 sports.While February was a highly successful month for British athletes, the following shortlist has been decided by personal triumphs as well as competitive achievements, enabling athletes to recognise accomplishments for a range of reasons.The shortlist comprises: Mia Brookes (snowboarding), Hannah Cockroft OBE (wheelchair racing), Brad Hall (bobsleigh) and Max Whitlock OBE (gymnastics).Brookes made history when, at 16-years-old, she won Britain’s first snowboard slopestyle world title. She also became the first woman to perform a CAB 1440 double grab in competition, beating reigning Olympic champion Zoi Sadowski-Synnott to the title.Seven-time Paralympic gold medallist and BEAA ambassador Cockroft enjoyed three phenomenal days of competition in Dubai by breaking four world records. In a mixed classification race, her 800m time of 1:44.43 was the fastest ever for a British woman, regardless of class.Hall and his four-man bobsleigh team ended a phenomenal 2022/23 season in February by finishing second in the World Championships – Britain’s first four-man World Championships medal in 84 years – and the World Cup. Team Hall, featuring Taylor Lawrence and Greg Cackett, also claimed Britain’s first ever two-man bobsleigh overall medal by finishing third in the World Cup.Finally, Whitlock announced his bid to compete at Paris 2024 before returning to his first competition – the Scottish Championships – since 2021 following a period in which he struggled with his mental health and almost retired. He continued to speak openly about his mental health in the run-up to his return.Elite athletes can vote for their Athlete of the Month from 16:30 GMT today (1st March) by heading to their latest BEAA email, with the winner to be confirmed across the BEAA’s website and social media channels shortly.Good luck to everyone shortlisted!Access our support ||

February Athletes’ Athlete of the Month shortlist revealed

2023-03-01 16:26:01
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