BAC Chair Vicki Aggar has praised Winston & Strawn’s “exceptional” service to British athletes, as the global law firm marks four years as the BAC’s legal partner.Through the partnership, the BAC can refer its members to Winston & Strawn when members of its Athlete Support Team deem legal advice to be necessary, with Winston then able to provide world-class, pro bono support to athletes across a range of issues.Over the duration of the partnership so far, Winston & Strawn have provided such service to almost 80 athletes, ensuring that BAC members receive thorough support in areas such as selection, athlete agreements and commercial contracts.In addition, Winston assists the BAC’s team in reviewing sport or event-specific selection policy documents, ensuring that selection decisions are made on a fair and equitable basis, and that athletes can have confidence that the integrity of their selection process has been independently and expertly verified.Vicki Aggar said:“Winston & Strawn have been – and continue to be – an exceptional legal partner for the BAC. As an organisation, we strive to provide the best possible service to our members in all areas, and the dedication and support of Winston & Strawn goes a long way to help us to do that.“They have provided first-class support to numerous athletes across these last four years, and we will continue to work closely with them to ensure that our combined support to BAC members is of the highest quality.”For more information on the areas in which the BAC can provide support to athletes, click here, or email


2021-06-09 07:42:48
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