We help athletes understand their rights and support them with any concerns.
Classification is a crucial but sometimes complex process that places Paralympic athletes in the most appropriate competition group based on an assessment of their impairment.

We can help you understand your athlete rights and responsibilities regarding classification.

Athletes with concerns about classification can speak in confidence to BEAA staff for advice and guidance, or signposting to the British Paralympic Association where appropriate.

Support pathway

So, what happens when you reach out to the BEAA about classification? Most importantly, we’ll always try to help.

That might be direct, end-to-end support with your issue through a dedicated Athlete Support Manager, or signposting to someone else who can help you.

We’ll always be there for our members. Find out what happens when you contact us below.

  1. You contact the BEAA for support, or are referred with consent by your NGB.
  2. One of our Athlete Support Managers will respond, usually via email, within one working day.
  3. We will arrange a time to speak to you over the phone to understand your request in your words and ensure we can provide the best support possible.
  4. If we can support you, we ask you to sign a service-level agreement, and provide support or signposting tailored to your needs.
  5. We can provide confidential advice about your classification based on your situation, remind you of your rights, or sign-post you to the British Paralympic Association.

Your questions answered

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I don’t think the BEAA can support me. Who should I turn to?
The BEAA is with you.
Reach out to us using any of the channels here.
Alternatively, get in touch via our chat.
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