The BAC has noted the contents of the Whyte Review’s interim report into allegations of mistreatment within gymnastics.As acknowledged by Anne Whyte QC, the response to the Review’s Call for Evidence ‘exceeded expectations’, which in itself underlines the breadth and the extent of significant, troubling issues which have been prevalent in gymnastics. We are grateful to Anne Whyte QC and her team for the thorough, compassionate and sensitive way in which they are going about reviewing the information that has been presented to them.It remains vitally important to highlight and commend the courage shown by individuals who have reported their experiences to the Whyte Review.We are hopeful that the finalised Whyte Review can acknowledge that courage by ensuring that gymnastics is made a safer, more welcoming and more transparent environment, and by unequivocally reinforcing the fact that safeguarding breaches in sport are investigated appropriately and thoroughly, and treated with the utmost importance. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the NSPCC for their work, alongside the BAC, in providing individuals affected with a safe, confidential space in which to discuss their experiences. As acknowledged in the interim report, access to ‘independent support and advice’ has been of huge importance in this process, and this is something the BAC continues to offer to individuals across the sporting landscape.


2021-03-09 09:01:54
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